Eric Wells - Chief Executive Officer

Eric Wells

Chief Executive Officer

Eric Wells is the chief executive officer of Awestruck Dental and is working to build and execute the company’s business plan from product conception to commercialization.

Wells is an experienced CEO, strategist, and investor with expertise in acquiring and managing companies. He resides on the boards of or is an advisor to companies in the medical device, real estate, tech and travel tech industries, and he has had a long and successful career developing commercial and residential real estate projects.

Wells began his career as a builder, successfully completing a number of commercial and residential property developments. Subsequently, he had an 18-year stint with Polygon Northwest Company in Bellevue, Washington, where he started as development manager and rose to vice president before becoming president, COO, and principal of the company from 2003-2009. In this role, Wells directed over $2.5 billion in sales and achieved the position of second-largest builder in Washington State, and no. 56 nationally.

From 2009-2011, Wells was the CEO and principal of Connor Homes Group, Bellevue, Washington, where he reorganized and restructured a small builder in partnership with financial institutions, renegotiating negative equity land positions and returning the company to profitability.

Since then, Wells is the managing member and principal of Belem Development LLC in Seattle, and Belem Properties Co. LLC in Telluride, Colorado. He oversees direct acquisition and sales, rental operations, development, entitlement, construction, and equity lending, as well as the development and implementation of strategic plans, identification and pursuit of strategic real estate acquisitions and building with high yield, appeal, and value.

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Bryan Ziegler

Chief Financial Officer

Bryan Ziegler is Awestruck Dental's chief financial officer and comes to Awestruck Dental from multi-national banking firm Credit Suisse where he worked in its Houston, TX office. Prior to Credit Suisse, Ziegler worked for Philadelphia-based health benefits consultant, Wellness Coaches USA, serving two different Fortune 500 companies in Houston, TX and Wichita, KS. Ziegler received an MBA from the Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University with concentrations in Finance and Entrepreneurship. He graduated summa cum laude from Oklahoma Christian University with a BS in Biology.

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Eric Manzanares

SVP of Sales and Marketing

Eric Manzanares is the vice president of sales and marketing at Awestruck Dental and oversees all sales, marketing, product positioning, strategic planning and customer service related activities for the JawDropper dental device.

With nearly 20 years of sales and marketing experience, Manzanares has successfully directed, managed and mentored sales teams of all sizes…in all market conditions. Serving as a dynamic leader and executive team member, Eric has a unique ability to effectively execute his strategies, and work with other department heads to achieve company-wide objectives and maximize top line results.

An accomplished multi-dimensional leader, Manzanares’ encourages sales teams to think outside of the box, focus on priorities that drive results and to constantly deliver excellent customer service. His organizational skills, ability to structure teams and attention to detail allow businesses to scale and grow substantially while bringing exceptional return on investment from each sales person.

Manzanares studied at Occidental College and the University of Northern Colorado and holds a BS in business finance and economics. Eric most recently studied at The University of Colorado in the EMBA program.

Dick Fulton, MD - President & Founder

Dick Fulton, MD

Medical Advisor

Dick Fulton, MD, is the president and founder of Awestruck Dental, and the inventor of the JawDropper. An esteemed medical practitioner, Dr. Fulton is also a prolific inventor with 40-plus issued patents as well as a number of medical devices to his name.

Dr. Fulton spent the majority of his career, from 1975 to 2005, as a radiologist at St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Junction, Colorado, and he remains an honorary member of staff. From 1991 to 2004, Dr. Fulton was the hospital’s Medical Director of Radiology and Chair of its Department of Radiology. He also served at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Grand Junction from 1984-2005, including five years as its Chief of Radiology.

During Dr. Fulton’s tenure at St. Mary’s Hospital, he introduced and advocated a number of procedures and technologies at the hospital ranging from modern angiography to CT, ultrasound and MRI technology to PET scans, and techniques related to mammography, thrombolysis, and thrombectomies. He initiated the American College of Radiology Mammographic Accreditation Program at St. Mary’s Hospital in the mid-1980s, becoming the first in Colorado to do so.

In his work as an inventor and developer of medical and dental devices, Dr. Fulton has sought to bring to market safe, easy-to-use and cost-effective devices and products designed to address a range of medical conditions and treatment dilemmas. In addition to the 40-plus issued patents that Dr. Fulton has been awarded, he also has 60 pending patents and serves on the scientific advisory boards of several medical device companies. Dr. Fulton has numerous licensing agreements with companies prominent in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and medical devices fields.

A 1971 graduate of the Louisiana State University School of Medicine, Dr. Fulton was an intern at Presbyterian Medical Center in Denver from 1971 to 1972. He served his residency at the University of Colorado Hospitals in Denver during 1972-1975.

Jack Wolinetz - Consultant

Jack Wolinetz

Medical Advisor

Jack Wolinetz is the healthcare industry consultant for Awestruck Dental. He has had a long and distinguished career working in the healthcare industry. He began with the Great American Insurance Company in 1964 before joining Pfizer in 1966. In 1975, Wollinetz moved to Bristol-Myers Squibb, rising to the position of president of Bristol-Myers Squibb China. He retired from Bristol Meyer Squibb in 1998.

Since then, Wolinetz has worked as a consultant, advising a range of prominent pharmaceutical and healthcare companies on a multitude of issues.

Wolinetz served in the U.S. Army from 1962 to 1964 as a platoon leader. He graduated from Cornell University in 1962 with a BA in government.


Scott Leune, DDS

Dental Advisor

Scott Leune, DDS, is one of the dental advisors to Awestruck Dental. He is a contributor on matters relating to dentistry on cable TV news station Fox and other television news outlets. Dr. Leune is the most followed dentist on, an online community that connects dentists to their peers. As an industry leader and a public face for dentists, Dr. Leune is uniquely placed to understand the treatment issues faced by dental practitioners and their patients.

Dr. Leune is a prominent dentist and the founder of Breakaway Practice LLC, a provider of scaled back office services for dentists nationwide, of de novo development for 45 dental offices in 20 states, and of dental business seminars to over 1,000 dental professionals annually.

In 2011, Dr. Leune founded DFW Family Dentistry, which has extended to seven dental offices in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The cornerstone of the practice is state-of-the-art equipment and technologies utilized with a high standard of care. This successful multi-location practice is highly rated by patients online and highly regarded within the profession. Previously, Dr. Leune managed and then brought to market three high-growth startup dental practices before selling them to Heartland Dental Care.

Dr. Leune is a 2000 graduate of Texas State University, finishing Magna Cum Laude with a degree in biology. In 2005, Dr. Leune graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Dental School as a Doctor of Dental Surgery. He has published articles in scholarly journals such as the Journal of Dental Research. In addition, Dr. Leune has been the subject of profiles in the San Antonio Business Journal and Dental Economics Magazine.

Michael Crane - Consultant

Michael Crane

Dental Advisor

Dental devices consultant to Awestruck Dental, Michael Crane is prominent in the industry following a lengthy, successful career with a range of dental product companies. Since 1999, Crane has been the president and CEO of Michael R. Crane & Associates LLC, a dental consulting firm that focuses on mergers and acquisitions, technology and product commercialization, strategic alliances, global expansion, business planning, investment advice, and executive recruitment, all within the sphere of the dental devices industry.

From 1990 to 1999, Crane was a vice president at Dentsply International, one of the largest professional dental products companies in the world. Prior to that, he worked for Whaledent International, a maker of specialty dental materials and instruments, first as marketing director and then as vice president of sales and marketing. Crane also worked for Johnson & Johnson Dental Products Co. as a group product director.

A graduate of the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, with a Bachelor of Business Administration, Crane has held a variety of positions with the American Dental Trade Association, including as a member of the Board of Directors and chairman of the Manufacturers Section, chair of the Strategic Planning Committee, chair of the American Fund for Dentistry for the Handicapped DentaCheques Committee, a member of the Board of Directors of International Dental Manufacturers Association, chair of the Sales Training Committee, and chair of the Annual Meeting Committee.