Development of The JawDropper: Dick's Story

Dick Fulton, MD, a prolific inventor was a dental patient sitting in his dentist’s chair having a hard time keeping his mouth open. His dentist was also struggling to complete the dental work as jaw muscle fatigue and discomfort prevented Dick from keeping his mouth open wide enough. With a fatigued jaw and his doctor repeating "open wider", Dick had the idea to hook his index finger over his lower front teeth to then pull down, instantly creating a wider mouth opening and increasing his overall comfort. The dentist was then able to quickly complete the procedure without struggling. This experience gave Dick the vision for The JawDropper.

The JawDropper Stretches The Jaw Muscles

Watch an animation video illustrating how over time The JawDropper stretches the jaw muscles during a dental procedure.

The JawDropper Keeps The Mouth Open Wider and Longer

Physiologically the mouth wants to stay nearly closed. The chart to the left illustrates how The JawDropper keeps a mouth open wider and for longer of periods of time during a dental procedure, ultimately reducing undesired breaks and interruptions.

The JawDropper Provides Patient Comfort and Reduces Dental Anxiety

The Journal of the American Dental Association reports that 48 million people are not going to the dentist. The top three pain points include jaw pain, fluid evacuation, and dental fear. The JawDropper is an effective and simple device that provides added comfort for patients by stretching their jaw muscles while providing support for fluid evacuation, thus reducing overall patient anxiety—all while providing better access and efficiency for the dental professional. Download The JawDropper White Paper

Download The JawDropper White Paper

Proven Results from Clinical Market Studies

Awestruck Dental first conducted clinical market studies on the form, fit, and function of The JawDropper with dental patients in Telluride, Colorado, and Dallas, Texas, in April 2014. A second company-run form and fit study took place December 2014 through January 2015. Awestruck Dental has also conducted functional testing through collaborative partners, the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine (UCSDM), and the Colorado Northwest Community College (CNCC) Dental Hygiene Program. Early studies using The JawDropper generated incredible results!


of patients requested The JawDropper to be available at their next dental visit


of hygienists found The JawDropper to be useful with patients in achieving patient comfort, fluid evacuation and relieving dental anxiety


of patients agreed The JawDropper was more comfortable than both the Isolite system and bite blocks